A Pediatric Dentist Helps Ensure Your Children Receive the Dental Care They Deserve

A pediatric dentist is a special type of dentist. They have a true passion for working with children and helping them achieve the dental health they richly deserve. Here at the offices of Dr. David J. Cobb, we believe that our purpose is to help create happy smiles and teach children oral health habits that will last a lifetime. We’re fortunate that we love what we do, and we’re rewarded every day when we get come to work and interact with all the great kids and parents that come to see us. But, at the same time, we know that a small number of young kids are naturally apprehensive about visits to the doctor or dentist. We also know that many parents search diligently for a pediatric dentist that they can trust to care for their child (or children), as well as answer their questions about oral care for tiny teeth. So, we go to great lengths to make sure that everyone who comes through the door feels welcome and comfortable here at our office.

Many parents come to our office after looking for a pediatric dentist (typically searching online) in the immediate area. And although the offices of Dr. Cobb are in Olathe, we receive a lot of visitors from cities around the area. So, if you happen to be searching for a pediatric dentist in Gardner for your kids, or a Shawnee pediatric dentist, we encourage you to contact the office of Dr. Cobb and talk to one of our friendly staff members about your needs. You have questions? We have answers!

One of the more frequent questions we receive – especially from new parents – is about pediatric dentists and how they’re unique. As we stated earlier in this article, pediatric dentists are a special type of dentist who works with children of all ages. The traditional pediatric dentist begins as a general dentist. And on top of all the education, training, and practice that comes with a Doctor of Dental Science degree, a dentist who wishes to specialize in dental care for children also has to complete 2-3 years of specialty training. Following dental school and the additional training in the pediatric aspect of the field, the dentist typically limits their practice to treating children only.

Dr. Cobb entered his first private dental practice in 1987. A few years later, in 1990, he entered a Pediatric Dental Residency at Children’s Mercy Hospital (with the UMKC School of Dentistry). He began his pediatric dental practice in 1992. Dr. Cobb has spent more than two decades as a primary and specialty oral care provider for infants and children (through adolescence). He also specializes in dental care for children with special health needs. And he’s quick to tell parents and their children that he has enjoyed every day on the job!

This article is brought to you by Dr. Cobb The Kid’s Dentist, an Olathe, Kansas provider of comprehensive, high-quality pediatric dental care. If you wish to make an appointment for a dental cleaning or evaluation, feel free to contact the office of Dr. David J. Cobb.


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