The “What Makes You Smile?” Kids Art Contest

Smiling is a great way to share your happiness with the world around you. No matter what makes you smile – whether it’s playing sports, watching your favorite TV shows, reading fun books and magazines, or just hanging out with your friends and family – a smile is best when shared with others. That’s why all of us here at Dr. Cobb’s pediatric dental office would like to know What Makes You Smile?

Have you seen our Facebook page lately? Click the link here to visit Dr. Cobb on Facebook. Our office is currently having a What Makes You Smile kids art contest and the details are all available on the Dr. Cobb Facebook page.

Over the years, we’ve met lots and lots of kids. We’ve heard all kinds of great stories about fantastic creatures and far-away places. Naturally, we’re anxious to see what the kids in your home can create for our contest! The winner will earn a prized place on the wall right here in the office! Remember: the theme of the contest is What Makes You Smile. And since we’re all aware of how imaginative children’s artwork can be, we’re expecting to see some really cool pictures!

The process for submitting to the contest is easy and the rewards are great! Our web staffers have worked tirelessly to create a Facebook web app that will allow you to submit photos directly to our office. When your child has finished creating their ultimate masterpiece, simply “Like” us on Facebook to submit the pictures of their artwork. We have met so many creative and talented kids in our office, so keep your fingers crossed! We’ll announce the winners at the end of October.

Ready to get started? Great! Break out the newsprint or the construction paper or the cardboard and let your kids draw and paint and giggle and smile to their heart’s content. They can create their masterpieces with colorful paints, pencils, markers, crayons, or other materials as long as their creations aren’t larger than 11×14 and can be easily hung on a wall. The 1st place winner will have their unique artwork displayed in our dental office so everyone can see what makes them smile! The 1st place winner will also receive a $25 gift card, and the second and third place winners will each receive a $10 gift card. All of the winners will be decided by community voting by October 31st and notified via e-mail. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artwork too! You can vote every 24 hours, so be sure to visit our Facebook page and cast your vote.

Visit Dr Cobb’s Facebook page by clicking here. And best of luck to all our little smiling artists!

A strong, healthy smile is important for self-confidence and overall well-being. Many new friendships have begun with a smile and most will agree that a smile can brighten your day. Here at Dr. Cobb’s pediatric dental office, smiles are important to us and we strive to help keep your kid’s smile bright and beautiful.

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